Meet the Teacher

Ten Things You Should Know About Kacie

1. I am a follower of Christ.  I love the Lord and thank Him every day for my Savior.

2.  I am blessed with the most amazing family God could have given me.  They make my world go round!
This photo is a family portrait we took with my parents, my family, and my brother's beautiful family.

My kids are wild!

And, here we are!  My beautiful blessings from above!

3. I have taught middle school for nine years and I thought it was my calling. However, things have changed a lot lately and I felt led to start a new adventure teaching high school!  I am very excited about the change.  I will now be a Bulldog!

4.  I am a teacher resource creator and have a store on Teachers Pay Teachers.  The website has been a blessing to me and my store has become a fun hobby/second job.  I enjoy it and don't get bogged down or frustrated with deadlines because creating is fun and I set my own hours and deadlines.  This is perfect for me because I am the world's SLOWEST creator. Out of the tens of thousands of stores on TpT, I think I win the award for slowest product generator. I'm cool with that.  I have priorities above it in my life.  Here is a direct link to my store.  If you are interested in looking around.

5.  I love Instagram.  I love it more than Facebook.  There.  I said it.  Even though I have had a FB for nearly 10 years, I find Instagram much easier to connect with people.  I could write a whole article on why it's better.  I just might.

6.  I love reality TV.  Particularly So You Think You Can Dance and Survivor.  I've watched both since their first seasons.  I was a classically trained ballerina, so I DO think I can dance, so that's why the show appeals to me.  But, as far as Survivor goes, I am the least outdoorsy, campy-type person ever.  I am not super girly or afraid of dirt...I just like being comfortable.
This was me in one of my early years ballet class.

7.  I am a huge fan of rap music.  This may be a (and often is) shocking to hear from a conservative, southern gal like myself.  But I grew up in the ghettos of Little Rock and the music is the one part that has stayed with me.  The lyrics often bother me and I won't let my sons listen while I can still control what they listen to, but a good rapper with a great hip-hop beat is irresistible music to my gangsta-soul.

8.  I like to let my geek flag fly.  I am a big nerd.  I love numbers and data, but I am also a book nerd, too.  Specifically, Harry Potter.  I have loved those Gryffindors since the moment I met them.  And even though I consider myself to be more of a Hufflepuff and I am sure the sorting hat would agree, Professor McGonagall is my idol.  :)

These are a few pictures of Derek and I on opening weekend of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  I made him take me despite me being big huge twin-pregnant and the temp being 100 degrees.

9.  I am a huge Razorback fan.  Growing up in Arkansas with no pro-teams and only one big Division I school, everyone here is a Razorback fan.  And I love everything about it!  I went to school at the U of A, where I was on the Pom Squad and was even one of the mascots for a year.  We are famous our unique mascot and our weird cheer.  We call the hogs to get pumped up, "Woooooo Pig Sooie!"  That is also where my mascot got her name, Sue E.  Cute, huh?
Here is me calling the hogs as an RBI Girl and as Sue E. 

10.  I love clothes, shoes, and shopping.  But this is not surprising...most girls do.  I don't think of myself has fashionable or trendy.  I like to think I have style, but my former students might laugh at that.  They see me as more of the person described above in number 8.  ;) 

 Here are a few pictures of the closet I had my husband build into our new house.  I love it and am so thankful for it!