Monday Made-It: Jewelry Organization

Happy Monday!  I have been reading a few Monday Made-Its and decided I would post one of my own.  I only have one because I have been so busy with the twins, so here goes...
I have this WONDERFUL jewelry box that doubles as a full length mirror.  It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture I have ever owned.  It is beautiful and very functional.
 However, throughout the years, I have filled it so much, it had become unusable due to overcrowding.  So, I decided to organize my jewelry.  When I did, I realized that bracelets are hard to organize and didn't really have a designated place in the box.  So, I decided to move them out.  We recently built a house and we had drawers built in to our closet.  I had an extra one that was sitting was perfect!
I found a piece of cardboard and a scrap of fabric left over from a bulletin board (I only cover bulletin boards with fabric) and stapled it onto the cardboard to create a decorative drawer surface.
Then, I loaded all my bracelets in the drawer and it is perfect!  I was more than pleased with the way it turned out.  The bracelets fit well and it offered up so much space in the jewelry box.

 Now, I can find all of my jewelry pieces so much easier.  I am much more likely to wear it when I can see it. Here is the inside of the box.
Thanks for reading!  If you have any other great suggestions for organizing your jewelry, please leave a comment below. 
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