Meet the Teacher

Hiya!  I am slowly figuring out this whole blogging thing.  I have been working on adding a Get-to-Know-Me type tab at the top of my blog for weeks.  I could not get things to work correctly!  I had Googled it and it seemed my problems were unique and no one had ever had them.  (I know that's not true...I just didn't know enough about my problem to search the right things!) Turns out to be a browser issue.  I have always been an Internet Explorer user, out of familiarity. But, I somehow figured out that it was the browser causing my problems.  I hopped on Chrome and suddenly the fonts looked correct and my pictures were showing up.  

All that to say, if you are viewing my blog in IE and it doesn't look quite right, try Chrome (or probably any other browser?). is the link to my new "Meet the Teacher" Page.  Meet Me Here  

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