What the Teacher Wore...For Halloween

Happy Halloween! I love linking up with Chandra from Teaching with Crayons and Curls for her "What the Teacher Wore" linky! And I LOVE Halloween! We have a neighborhood (adult) Halloween party and this year was a Cartoon Theme. (So, this costume is not what I wore to school for Halloween...no shorts at school!) 

I love dressing up in costume and I am a bit picky about the percentage of a costume that can be purchased. I love homemade (or at least home put-together) costumes. I am not a big fan of buying the commercial store-bought full costumes. I will buy necessary accessories, but even with my lack of sewing skills, I prefer to make them. So, when we found out the theme for this year's party, I racked my brain for cute, but original, difficult, but not impossible partner costumes. Here is a peek at our potentials:
  • Charlie Brown and Lucy (I'm glad we didn't go with this as their were two couples dressed as them.)
  • Waldo and Carmen San Diego
  • She-ra and He-man
  • Carl and Ellie
  • Wiley Coyote and Roadrunner (This was almost the winner.)
  • South Park characters
  • Cruella and a Dalmation
  • Tom and Jerry

But, in the end, we settled on Pinocchio and Geppetto.
Here we are:

Notice the knee joints and Jiminy Cricket sitting on my hat. You will get a closer look at him in a second! (It's all about the details!)

And we were to bring a ghoulish treat. Since I don't cook, there are not many things I can whip up, but I did learn how to make easy and delicious salsa once. So, the only way I knew to make chips and salsa Halloweeny was to make tortilla chips using a pumpkin, ghost, and bat cookie cutter. They turned out great!

Here is a close up of my hat. I found a little plastic cricket (or maybe a grasshopper) at Party City and made him a tiny top hat from the fabric I cut off Derek's pants and viola...Jiminy Cricket!


And, low and behold...we won first place! So exciting! Second place went to the cute Darla and dentist.

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