Secondary Sunday with Mel and Gerdy

Hi y'all!

Sweet Mel and Gerdy from Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy are hosting a link up geared toward supporting secondary teachers in their quests to find awesome resources for their classrooms.

This Sunday, they are focusing the link up on FREE resources. I am going to add my favorite FREE resource into the mix. Here are exit tickets for an entire Percent unit. They are great because they quickly assess a skill, but also ask a follow-up for students to rate their confidence level. I find these types of exit tickets to be particularly helpful when using them to guide instruction because it helps you know how much more time to spend on a skill.

Percent Unit Exit Tickets- FREE
And be sure to check out Mel and Gerdy's Link Up each Sunday to get ideas and resources to help you in your secondary classroom! Have a great week!

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