"Lord, give my students..." Silent Prayers to Pray Over Your Testing Students

 Standardized testing is killing education. Fundamentally, I do not have a problem with accountability or standardized tests. But, the high stakes that are attached to the scores create the wrong motivation for learning. Because of testing (and I would add teacher evaluations), education is not about learning, but preparing. For a test. And students often get the mistaken idea that their worth is tied to their scores. Ugh.

So, let's pray for our students and lift them up when they are feeling their worst. Besides, we are not allowed to do anything else while "actively monitoring" anyway. Win-win.

Below are some prayers that I originally posted to my Instagram (@MMMMKacieTravis).

And, most importantly...

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  1. Is there a printable version of this that you would be willing to share? Love it!